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Viale Europa 10, Legnago (Verona)

Athesis House 28th September 2019

Not just buildings Marble becomes “artistic” material

Meetings at «Casa Athesis» continue at Marmomac 2019.

Lucio Salgaro leads the talk show on the use of marble in a creative and innovative way.

With him Simone Soardo (architect), Silvio Xompero (president of Margraf), Andrea Corradini (responsible for marketing Donatoni machines).

TECHNOLOGY. The marble sector is growing through technology, innovation, and automation. Giving architects a wide range of choices.

THE NEWS’. Before it was a structural and constructive material, today marble can be used on a decorative level: if we reduce it to a sheet size it is light and we can use it in an alternative way. From the glasses down ….

3D printing and digital scanning allow us to create works in a short time that once needed months and months of handwork.

Soardo: «Man is no longer a manual artist, but a digital artist».

TRAINING. Corradini: «We created the« Donatoni Academy »to train artists and craftsmen of the future who have the right knowledge, know the material and its uses. Today many architects don’t use marble because they don’t know how to handle it ». Xondero: “Architects want ceramic with defects to make it look like marble, and the perfect marble to use it as ceramic.”


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