S.S.A.T. Srl is based in Verona (Italy), one of the most important stone districts in the world with hundreds of artisan and industrial manufacturing companies operating in the stone sector, where you can find the best selection of marbles, granites, quartzites, onyx, travertine, limestone, sandstone, semi-precious, exotic stones, and the best manufacturing quality.

The founder of S.S.A.T. Srl is Simone Soardo, an Italian architect with a long and prestigious experience in the development of complex projects with the use of stone materials both in Italy and abroad.

Simone, after graduating from the IUAV – the Institute of Architecture of Venice in 2002, began his professional career in Verona, followed by an experience in China where he worked as a Product Designer to manage the production and design of an Italian company group.

In 2008 Simone started his important professional experience all over the world as Project Manager focusing exclusively on projects that use marble and natural stones.

From 2012 to 2015 Simone was the supervisor and general manager in the design, production, and installation of all the architectural and decorative elements for a luxury private palace in the Middle East, including precious inlaid floors and personalized furnishings.

Over the years Simone has worked in the Middle East, Singapore, Jakarta, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Switzerland, England, Denmark, the United States, Australia, for a total of over 40,000 square meters of marble supplied and installed to date, counting the collaborations with the most important brands including D&G, Prada, Tiffany & Co. and Cartier.

Simone personally takes care of the entire process by providing assistance and technical support in all phases of construction, from the selection of blocks in the quarries to the installation of finished products on the construction site. Thanks to his long experience in complex and complex projects, Simone is able to manage the construction of large architectural elements (including the design, construction, and installation of monolithic marble columns of over 6 ml, weighing 5,7 tons / each .)

To the creation of designing objects of limited dimensions in which the precision and accuracy of the details must reach the standard of jewelry.

Today Simone works all over the world and participates as a speaker at international conferences organized in the field of stone industry fairs with MARMOMAC for the promotion of the use of stone material between designers and architects.